Email Marketing Services

We help businesses find new customers and expand communication reach with our privacy-safe Email Marketing services. Our Digital experts connect you with the best prospects and manage your campaign from start to finish, and our Data Scientists enhance your database with email addresses via a permission-based process.


Why Email Marketing?

With 91% of online consumers checking their email at least once a day, marketers must stay on top of email marketing trends. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to engage directly with your target audience, and USADATA provides a data-driven and privacy-safe approach to help you find new customers. Our Digital experts manage your campaign from start to finish, analyzing results and refining deployments accordingly to optimize your campaign and maximize ROI.






Reachable Consumers

The Step by Step Process:

Build Your Target Audience

Accurate Audience Segmentation

Optimize Email

Diagnostic Testing
Optimized Platform Rendering
Test Cell Components

Email Deployment

Managed Campaign Delivery

Optimize Campaign Performance

Performance Analysis
Campaign Refinements
Improved ROI

Enhance Your Campaigns

With your marketing goals in mind, USADATA ensures the success of your email marketing campaign by building a customized target audience, crafting the right message and delivering emails through the best path to inboxes.

We analyze real-time data, test core performance metrics and optimize performance to achieve the highest level of deliverability to your consumers.

Display Advertising

USADATA leverages data and technology to hyper-target audiences in the digital ad space.

Targeted display solutions allow you to be where your consumers are.

We help you reach the right people through the right media channels, across multiple devices. Our experienced digital advertising team helps you identify your audience, create your ads and place them in relevant digital spaces.


Our Technology

We combine first-party and third-party data collected from our email and offline database, online DSP and mobile SDK to create comprehensive profiles of real, verified individuals. By verifying users, we help you remove fraud and deliver messages directly to your target audience.

Reach the Right Audience

We built our audience targeting tools to make sure your message is reaching the right consumer where they are engaging most. Our rich database builds user profiles based on:

  • Demographic: Target an audience based on age, gender, education, income, etc.
  • Predictive-match: Build your audience through look-alike modeling.
  • Behavioral: Reach/target an audience based on their online engagement.
  • Contextual: Capture an audience based on specific categories, keywords, and interests
  • Retargeting: Leverage display and email retargeting to reinforce your message.
  • Geo-targeting: Target an audience based on location data.

Targeted ads are placed in audience-specific websites, games, mobile apps and more. Our targeting attributes range from simple filters based on a user’s device and hyperlocal geotargeting, to building an audience based on client conversion data.


Talk to Your Consumers Across Different Media Channels

Based on the consumer behaviors and media preferences of your target audience, USADATA and our partners seamlessly deliver hyper-targeted ads across multiple devices. We optimize display ads according to each media channel to effectively engage the individual behind the screen.

Retarget Your Audience

Display retargeting is a powerful way to match the right people, with the right message, at the right time. By gathering valuable consumer data, you can reach out to users through each step of the buyer's journey. Engaging an audience who has already expressed interest in your brand and services through multiple screens is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and convert prospects into customers.

Match & Deploy

Case Study

Multi-Screen Targeting Provides Significant Conversion Lift Over Stand-Alone Channels

A leading multinational consumer products company has worked with USADATA on a number of email campaigns. When USADATA suggested running an integrated multi-channel campaign, the client suggested that a test be run before altering its marketing plan and budgets. USADATA ran a test over the course of 4 weeks, targeting 1 million individuals with email and mobile display messaging.



Display .24% CTR .41% CTR 70%
Email .82% CTR 1.02% CTR 24%



Display 173 260 50%
Email 197 238 21%

The audience was divided into thirds, with one-third receiving only email messages, one-third receiving only mobile display messages and one-third receiving both email and mobile display messaging. In each of the 4 weeks, a new offer and creative was applied, but each audience segment remained consistent. The audience that was messaged with the integrated approach was far more reactive than the others. Significant lift was seen on email and display clickthrough rates, as well as overall campaign conversions.

Clients we work with